Privacy in every respect – Why visual hacking affects us all

Privacy in every respect – Why visual hacking affects us all

In today's working world, we are constantly trained to protect data. Whether through encryption technologies, the implementation of two-factor authentication or by raising awareness through training. But the threat of data theft begins in more subtle, everyday situations. On public transport, in cafés or in the office, prying eyes can easily land on our screens and reveal sensitive data. Whether it's confidential business information, personal messages or sensitive documents - visual hacking affects us all.

The good news is that there is a clever and simple solution - DICOTA privacy filters. These thin, easy-to-apply screen films not only offer protection from prying eyes, but also maintain clarity and legibility for the user. The filters rely on innovative technologies that only allow the user directly in front of the screen to see its content clearly. Anyone viewing from the side, on the other hand, will see only a dark screen.


Advantages of DICOTA privacy filters:

  • Guaranteed privacy: The use of high-quality 2-way or 4-way filters protects confidential information from prying eyes and unwanted access.
  • Variety of applications: DICOTA privacy filters offer protection in various environments such as the office, public transport, or in public spaces.
  • Easy installation: The privacy filter's ease of application means that it can be used in various contexts, offering an optimal solution.
  • Anti-reflection filters: In addition to protecting sensitive data, DICOTA's filters reduce disruptive light reflections.
  • Customised edge-to-edge solutions: DICOTA offers customised edge-to-edge solutions to ensure that the filters are perfectly matched to the respective devices.
  • Scratch-resistant display: In addition to protecting sensitive data, the filters offer additional protection against scratches and damage to the display.
  • Touchscreen-compatible: Interacting with the screen remains smooth and unaffected, even when using our privacy filters.

Why should you choose a DICOTA privacy filter?

  • High flexibility for customised requests: We adapt flexibly to customer-specific requirements to ensure that our filters meet our customer's individual needs - from 4-way and 2-way filters to edge-to-edge solutions and mounting options.
  • Established sampling process: Customers can take advantage of our established sampling process to check the quality and fit of our privacy filters before placing their final order.
  • Proven quality: DICOTA products are subject to strict quality controls to ensure that they meet the highest standards.
  • Short delivery times: With direct access to production, DICOTA offers short delivery times for our privacy filters.
  • Reliability: As a reliable partner, we endeavour to offer customers a dependable service that is geared towards long-term partnerships.


At a time when digital security and privacy are of the utmost importance, DICOTA privacy filters are an indispensable accessory. Protect yourself from the dangers of visual hacking and preserve your privacy - because privacy is not just a right, but also a responsibility.

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