Warming the heart for Advent: DICOTA donates to bhz Stuttgart e.V.

Warming the heart for Advent: DICOTA donates to bhz Stuttgart e.V.

During the magical season of Advent, when our hearts are moved to contemplation and charity, the connection between DICOTA and bhz Stuttgart e.V. is intensified. This deaconal institution offers people with various impairments a place where a normal, everyday life is possible, with shared meals, inspiring events, and creative workshops.

In the facility's workshops, dedicated people with limitations have long played a key role in ensuring that our bags are carefully repackaged. But they also support us in special projects by labelling our bags with individual labels from our partners.

A sign of support: DICOTA donates a new industrial sewing machine

Recently, bhz Stuttgart e.V. faced a challenge when one of its industrial sewing machines broke down. A repair was no longer possible and the impending shutdown would have disrupted production processes. We didn't hesitate for a moment, and were determined to support bhz Stuttgart e.V. Our donation of a new industrial sewing machine was not only a practical solution to maintain production processes, but also a deep expression of our appreciation for the work we do together and our deep commitment to social responsibility.

Together for a better future: a look at what counts

The partnership between DICOTA and bhz Stuttgart e.V. is more than just a business connection. It is a living example of how companies can contribute to shaping an inclusive society. And even if Advent reminds us of the fact that we should love our neighbour, a willingness to help is of central importance to us all year round. DICOTA remains determined not only to manufacture high-quality products, but also to make a lasting contribution to the community through social responsibility. We wish you a touching and contemplative Advent, full of warmth.