Discover the new Eco BASE collection

Discover the new Eco BASE collection

Did you know that only about 15% of all the plastic waste is collected for recycling?

To improve this rate, everyone can make an important impact. DICOTA actively takes responsibility and introduces its top selling BASE collection which has now been converted to be environmentally friendly.

As a consumer or reseller, the BASE collection offers the benefit of an even bigger selection of Eco products to choose from. Perfectly fitting any requirements and needs.

Get to know more about the Eco BASE collection below.


About Eco BASE

With Eco BASE, up to 12 PET bottles find a new, meaningful use in a computer bag. The collection offers much more than just a base: Known for quality, functionality and robust protection, the products also convince with attractive price points. The redesign, adopting high quality recycled PET materials, paves way to an environmentally friendly carry case assortment with a variety of different styles and sizes to choose from.

The collection consists of 30 products, distributed over 8 construction types.

Discover the products of the Eco BASE collection


Uncompromised quality

All the experience accumulated since the brand established in 1992, Germany, has been incorporated in the conception and redesign of this collection.

Every detail of each bags has been optimized in order to ensure a comfortable and efficient carrying solution offering perfect protection for electronic devices. At DICOTA we ensure highest durability of our products by using premium, first-class components and careful workmanship. Therefore, we are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on all bags and sleeves of the portfolio.

The following specifications characterize the Eco BASE collection:


Discover all collection features in the Eco BASE video


Tender and projects

The Eco BASE collection has been developed to meet the various requirements of tenders as well as large projects. If you work in government, education or the private sector, you will benefit from numerous advantages:

  • Sustainable products with competitive pricing
  • High product availability at distribution partners
  • Personal support from our experienced sales team
  • Full range of samples and testing at short notice
  • Interesting volume prices
  • Product quality tested and certified by SGS

For any inquiries about a project, please contact the team at [email protected]


Your decision matters

The current rate of recycling for plastic waste produced is minimal. 85% of all the plastic waste ends up in landfills, oceans or will be incinerated – all of which - causing devastating consequences to nature and the environment. Only about 15 percent is collected for recycling. We now need to take action to improve this.

Learn more about plastic pollution and the recycling process in this video

With the conscious decision for a bag made from recycled PET, you can now make an important difference. We are looking forward what you opt for.

Please get in touch with your local representative for additional information on the range, and to find out how our solutions can help to make your business more eco-friendly.