Now made from recycled PET bottles – the Eco PRO collection

Now made from recycled PET bottles – the Eco PRO collection


Are you a discerning and committed business professional?  Are you working on challenging projects or deciding on your companies long term visions and strategies?  Are both quality and sustainability important to you?

If so then the Eco PRO collection is your reliable companion, boasting high-quality, recycled materials, the best protection and sophisticated, first-class functionality.
Designed for the special demands of everyday business users. With both ingenious comfort and convenience.

Simply a pleasure to carry.


About Eco PRO


Join our responsible journey and choose from our range of backpacks, bags and trolleys made from recycled PET bottles. In every product, you will find well thought-out features that make your everyday life easier.

Let's name just a few of them: The anti-slip technology keeps your notebook in place and makes sure that nothing slips out of the bag unexpectedly. Maximum protection against bumps and scratches is ensured with the memory foam, which moulds to the contours of the device, no matter its size or thickness.


Construction types

With Eco PRO you get a broad product range from Slim Case to suitcase, depending on whether you prefer a reliable commuting bag or a trolley to use on your next business trip. You can also combine the products and find your perfect everyday solution. The collection includes 9 construction types in various sizes to choose from.

Discover all construction types in the Eco PRO video:



Each product in the Eco PRO range gives a second life to up to 31 PET bottles. The redesign, adopting high-quality recycled PET materials, paves the way to an environmentally friendly carry case assortment. The Eco PRO collection is our fourth collection made from recycled PET bottles; giving you a wide range of sustainable products to choose from.

Find your perfect fit now!

Made to last

With Eco PRO, you get the best quality in each bag. Mechanical tests allow the processing quality to be tested and the reliability of the material to be ensured. Only once all criteria have been fulfilled are DICOTA trademarked products put up for sale. The longevity of the products is underscored by a lifetime guarantee on all notebook bags*. Allowing business professionals to make a significant contribution to reducing their ecological footprint by purchasing a bag which lasts a whole life.

Quality does not come about by chance but by passion, precision, and expertise.

*30 years in Germany, due to legal restrictions


You may ask yourself if there is a difference between traditional polyester and the ecologically sensible variant made of rPET plastic bottles. The answer to that is gratifying:

The properties and performance of rPET are as good as the quality of new polyester. Both in terms of visuals and feel, there are no differences between the two fabrics. The subtleties, the textures, and the quality are absolutely on par.

With the conscious decision for a bag made from recycled PET, you can now make an important difference. We are looking forward to what you opt for!