Skilled labour shortage? How DICOTA is shaping the future with foresight

Skilled labour shortage? How DICOTA is shaping the future with foresight

In an era characterised by rapid technological progress and increasingly specialised professions, an expression is coming to the fore that doesn't really fit into the otherwise dynamic economic world: skills shortage. But while many just complain about the problem, at DICOTA we are rolling up our sleeves and showing that there are effective ways to counter this.

Our approach is to promote young talent through fulfilling and ongoing training, as shown by Julia Kunzmann's story. An approach that is a good example of our corporate philosophy.

Charming, curious and always ready to help – our Julia

A young woman with a radiant smile and the determination to realise her career ambitions, Julia began her journey as a hairdresser. But that was just the beginning for the 25-year-old, as the world of business appealed to her. So, in September 2021, she took the bold step of retraining as an office management assistant – and it just so happened to be with us at DICOTA.

In a fast-paced 2 ½ years, Julia has gained in-depth insights into our company's varied departments. Inside Sales, Logistics, Marketing, Accounting – they all opened their doors to her, letting her get a taste of training courses and seminars, immerse herself in projects and even take part in business trips to give her the best possible training and prepare her for the future. These diverse insights sparked Julia's enthusiasm for logistics, where she quickly found her feet due to the variety, the great team and the constant learning opportunities. Placing orders, organising transport, assisting with complaints – all this and more was part of her daily routine. However, school was also part of a comprehensive education. For Julia, it was not only a place of learning but also a place of enjoyment and exchange, where business and transport also became her favourite subjects.

Julia's statement sums up her training experience with us perfectly: “The support from the team was fantastic. I was seen as a unique person and not just an employee. I was allowed to make mistakes and I had the opportunity to build on my strengths and develop further in my areas of interest. Not only did I make progress professionally, but I also learnt a lot personally and got a lot out of it.”

After Julia completed her training with flying colours and distinction, we were naturally delighted to take her on. Today, she continues to work as an office administrator as an integral part of DICOTA and will specialise in customer service, logistics processes and the increasingly important topic of sustainability. In view of the new and exciting challenges, she encourages young people to take the plunge into vocational training and think beyond traditional role models in order to find a fulfilling career. Although DICOTA is an established company with high-quality products, for Julia it was the people who made the difference – they were the ones who made her journey so special.

Skilled labour shortage? For us, this is not an inevitable fate but a challenge that we are tackling with commitment, encouragement and conviction, with Julia as a permanent member at our side from now on.