Have we achieved our sustainability goals for 2021?

Have we achieved our sustainability goals for 2021?

“We plan to be producing 80% of our range from recycled PET by the end of 2021.” This is what DICOTA pledged for 2021. But have we been able to honour this pledge, and just how many PET bottles have been given a second life as a laptop bag?

Everyone who’s been following us this year will have seen all we’ve been doing in terms of sustainability. We’ve made our top-selling BASE and PRO collections more environmentally friendly, by switching to polyester made from recycled PET (rPET) as the main material, and renamed them Eco BASE and Eco PRO. rPET polyester is equivalent in quality to newly produced polyester. The fabrics also have the same look and feel. We’re delighted with the amount of positive feedback and fantastic response to our new collections.

Want to check out our Eco collections for yourself? You can find them all here.


What we’ve achieved – an overview

Thanks to the conversion of our existing collections to be more environmentally friendly, more than 80% of our range has been made from recycled PET bottles starting in December 2021. This has enabled us to produce over 990,000 sustainable bags and give more than 8.6 million bottles a second life. With the CO2 savings from the production of these bags, you could fly around the world more than 50 times!

A big thank you to everyone who’s opted for our environmentally-friendly carrying solutions, thereby doing something good for the good of everyone.


But we want to do more!

We’re going to be starting the new year with a bang: to celebrate 30 years of DICOTA, we’ll be kicking off our anniversary year with the launch of a stylish new collection. Over the course of the year, we’ll be bringing out further collections and products – all, of course, made from rPET. This means that in 2022, we’re set to be producing 95% of our range from rPET.

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We’re looking forward to celebrating 30 years of DICOTA and sustainable products with you! Thank you for accompanying us on our journey!

By deliberately choosing a bag made from recycled PET, you can make an important contribution to the environment. We’re curious to see which bag you’ll choose!