Sustainable Engagement 2021

Sustainable Engagement 2021

«Just 7% of all PET bottles sold end up here in the recycling plant. Did you know that one million PET bottles are sold worldwide every minute? That’s 1.44 billion bottles each and every day. A staggering number. »

What we are planning for the near future and which product collections will be converted to RPET can be seen in our commitment 2021 video.

What is DICOTA doing today to protect the environment?

Consistent recycling helps conserve resources and prevents plastic waste from ending up in landfill as well as our seas and oceans, where they take around 450 years to biodegrade.

We want to do our part to improve tomorrow’s world, which is why we have decided to use PET bottles as the main material in our computer bags. So far, we’ve recycled more than 3.9 million bottles and have produced more than 450.000 bags.

Would you have known that these notebook bags are made from recycled PET bottles? Our two product collections SCALE and SELECT are performing very well in the market – without, of course, compromising DICOTA’s well established and highly recognized trademarks of quality, functionality and design.

The main material used in these products is PET. Instead of being incinerated, the bottles are collected and crushed into flakes. These flakes are then heated and pressed into pellets, which, in turn, are processed into a fibre and spun into yarn. With this technology, up to 19 PET bottles can be repurposed for a new, valuable use in a DICOTA computer bag

We offer a lifetime warranty on all our bags that our customers have been able to count on since our foundation in 1992 (Capped at 30 years in Germany for legal reasons). Sustainability is also based on quality – i.e., maintaining longer life-cycle of the product contribute to preserve the resources.


Our Engagement for 2021

But this is only the beginning. We plan to be producing 80% of our range from recycled PET by the end of 2021. Our best-known, best-selling PRO and BASE products will soon also be produced in this ecologically sound way.

However, at DICOTA it’s not just our ecological responsibility we’re concerned with, but also our social responsibility. As a member of amfori BSCI, we strive to improve the working conditions in our global supply chains.

It is you, our valued customers, who make the proverbial difference with your purchase decisions. Will you go for a traditional solution – or the sustainable option? The choice is entirely yours. We look forward to seeing what you opt for.

Thank you for placing your trust in DICOTA!


What else do we do to conserve resources?

Relocating our warehouse in Germany has enabled us to save more than 100 lorry journeys a year, and thereby more than 2,300 kilometres a year. That’s equivalent to travelling from Berlin to Madrid. We avoid sending our goods by air freight, and instead transport them by sea. Transportation by rail is another resource-saving alternative.

In addition, all product tags are made from FSC-certified paper and are printed with soy ink. Further initiatives are currently being evaluated and will be implemented shortly.    


The ECO collections

The SCALE collection is designed to meet demanding budgets without compromising on quality, functionality or design. Lived sustainability with a clear conscience - the products of the SCALE collection are manufactured from recycled PET and are kind to the environment


The SELECT collection is the result of more than 25 years of experience in the development of high-quality, professional carry solutions. The comprehensive Eco collection, made using durable recycled materials, is perfect for users who pay attention to functional details.


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