Eco PRO collection - First class protection for your notebook

Eco PRO collection - First class protection for your notebook

A personal notebook is an important key component of our daily working life. Buying a new device is often a major financial investment, which is why protecting it effectively matters. DICOTA, which has been developing carrying solutions for notebooks since 1992, brings a wealth of experience to the development of new products and guarantees maximum protection. At first glance, visually striking. At the second, full of innovative materials and well thought-out features, to ensure that each bag offers first-class protection.

But what does DICOTA do to guarantee this protection?

The Eco PRO collection features a range of bags that provide maximum protection for devices. The bags impress with the following protection specifications.

Edge protection
EVA frame protection

Perforated and lightweight EVA foam runs along the sides of the bag, where it provides first-class protection for the edge of the device.

Perfect grip
Anti-slip technology

The anti-slip coating guarantees a perfect grip. It can be found either on the back of the notebook compartment, to prevent the device slipping out of the bag, or on the shoulder strap, to ensure the bag stays in place.


Absorbing light shocks
Memory foam

You may know this material from mattresses or pillows. Applying pressure creates an indentation that does not spring back immediately into its original shape. Providing a cushion around the notebook, the foam absorbs light shocks.


Holds the notebook in place
Fit-all system

The main compartment contains a fit-all system, which lets laptops of different widths be transported safely. The elastic side-wall of the compartment stretches to accommodate the width of the laptop and so provides an effective holder for all devices.


Notebook securing-strap

Thanks to the velcro fastener, the securing-strap fits any size of notebook. It stops the device slipping in the bag, which could lead to minor damages.


Protection against the rain
Bottom of the bag is made of waterproof material

The waterproof material on the bottom prevents water entering the bag and damaging the electronic devices. For all-round protection, DICOTA also offers rain covers which can be used on any backpack.


Discover the Eco PRO and Eco SELECT collections, both made from recycled PET bottles and offering first-class protection:


The Eco PRO collection is always by your side, thanks to its high-quality recycled material, top protection and sophisticated, first-class functionality. Designed for the special demands of the daily business life. With exceptional comfort and practical elegance. To the products!



The Eco SELECT collection is the result of over 29 years of experience in developing high-quality B2B-carrying solutions. Based on durable, recycled materials, the Eco collection is aimed at professional users who value the functional, protective details. To the products!