From PET bottle to notebook bag

From PET bottle to notebook bag

For the protection and transport of their electronic devices, customers worldwide have trusted DICOTA for over 25 years. As the leading brand for first-class bag solutions, we consciously accept our social and ecological responsibility and actively shaping the future. It therefore relies on sustainable alternatives when choosing materials.

Currently, about 40% of the DICOTA core assortment consists of recycled materials. Each SELECT and SCALE product gives a new life to 6 to 19 PET bottles. In the past 8 years DICOTA has produced over 450,000 carrying solutions from recycled PET. And has already recycled more than 3.9 million PET bottles (0.5 L).


The SELECT family is the latest result of more than 25 years of experience in developing high-quality B2B carrying solutions. The Eco series is based on durable, recycled materials and is aimed at professional users who appreciate functional details.

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The SCALE family has been developed to meet the most demanding budgets without compromising on quality, functionality or design.

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Step by step we are replacing the main material for all our carrying solutions with recycled alternatives. With the aim of offering a 100% sustainable product portfolio in the future. Plastic pollution is a global problem that affects both the environment and our health. Every minute around 1 million PET bottles are sold worldwide and only about 20% of all plastic waste is recycled. Consistent recycling helps to conserve resources and prevents plastics from ending up in landfills or in our seas, where they take around 450 years to biodegrade.


Are you still looking for the right carrying solution for your device?

It is important that all items can be transported from the office to the home office and back in an uncomplicated and well protected manner. It should be possible to store everything in the same bag: Notebook, mouse, headset, power supplies, writing utensils and much more.

Cleverly organised storage systems are an important part of DICOTA bags. We offer the right bag for every need. The easiest way to find one is with our Productfinder 4.0. Discover now!