Enhancing sustainability - Discover our new cardboad packaging

Enhancing sustainability - Discover our new cardboad packaging

DICOTA's shift to eco-friendly packaging materials

The FSC certified cardboard we use comes from forests that are carefully managed to promote sustainability. These practices help maintain biodiversity, prevent soil erosion, and aid in the absorption of carbon dioxide, contributing to the fight against climate change. Additionally, we have made a significant improvement by replacing the plastic components traditionally used in the inner part of our packaging with cardboard. This change further reduces our use of non-biodegradable materials, helping to decrease plastic waste and its environmental impact.


We have also opted to print our packaging with an ecological anchor. Derived from soybeans, a renewable resource, soy inks are a more sustainable alternative to traditional petroleum-based inks. They are less harmful during production and after disposal, facilitating easier recycling processes and offering reduced environmental degradation.



Our move to sustainable packaging aligns with global environmental trends and appeals to our environmentally conscious consumers, reducing our environmental impact and bolstering our reputation as a sustainability leader in carrying solutions. This shift underlines our commitment to ecological responsibility and sets a standard for industry practices. This initiative is just one of the many ways we aim to reduce our impact on our planet while fulfilling the needs of our customers.

Charting a long-term path to sustainability

At DICOTA, our journey towards sustainability began earnestly in 2008 when we decided to explore eco-friendly materials as alternatives to the traditional polyester used in our products. In 2009, we introduced our first messenger bags crafted from natural materials like cotton canvas and leather.

The significant turning point in our sustainable journey occurred in 2010 with the launch of the RECLAIM collection. This line featured bags made from recycled PET bottles, marking a pivotal step in our commitment to sustainability. By 2018, sustainability had become one of our five long-term strategic goals, leading us to transition all existing and future collections to sustainable materials. In 2022, 95% of our product portfolio was comprised of eco-friendly materials.



At Channel Summit 2023, DICOTA has been awarded the Sustainability Initiative Award at recognizing its outstanding dedication to sustainability within the IT industry. This award celebrates companies that provide eco-friendly products and adopt sustainable practices. DICOTA distinguished itself among 30 applicants through a rigorous evaluation by a jury of industry experts. The assessment criteria included the impact and overview of the initiatives, collaboration with partners, successful project implementation, environmental benefits, stakeholder feedback, and future sustainability plans.



The same year at IFA Berlin, DICOTA showcased the Eco-Vanguard backpack concept, made from upcycled fishing nets and broken car glass. This innovative product highlights how recycling can transform waste into valuable new items, reducing environmental impact.



Alongside product innovation, we have been optimizing our logistics. This includes utilizing eco-friendly modes of transportation and improving our packaging practices to reduce waste. Furthermore, we uphold strong social responsibilities, evidenced by our membership in the amfori BSCI, which focuses on improving global labor conditions. We also engage in nature conservation efforts, such as tree planting and supporting various community initiatives. The social and ecological responsibility is written into DICOTA's DNA and will continue to guide our actions in the future.

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