Sustainable products – a success story

Sustainable products – a success story

For over twelve years, DICOTA has been offering carrying solutions made from ecological materials.

2009 – that was just when ...
Barack Obama became the 44th President of the USA, Michael Jackson died of a drug overdose, Jenson Button became Formula 1 World Champion, and Windows 7 was introduced worldwide. It feels like only yesterday, and yet it was a long time ago …

Starting signal with Luis Trenker optics
As a leading European brand, DICOTA launched the first products made of ecological materials in 2009. The designs themselves also broke new ground. The commercial success of the pilot project was rather modest, as the two products in the NATURE LIFE/STYLE collection were not at the top of the IT managers’ shopping lists. In the trade press, as well as among end-users, however, the “green” innovation was received positively.

Initial spark for a sustainable orientation
Inspired by this feedback, DICOTA laid the foundation for its future direction. A complete product family made from recycled materials for professional users and a clear conceptual design that embraced the requirements of a business environment, as well as a classic design language. Launched in 2010 under the name RECLAIM, the ECO product family followed in 2014.


Edition No. 1, market launch 2009

The PR release at the time read: “... Industry leader DICOTA is setting new trends in the Notebook bag market segment: Nature Style and Nature Life are made from environmentally neutral materials. They are made of canvas cotton and leather that are as robust as they are environmentally friendly ...”. Two messenger bags with an alpine look pick up on the “green IT” trend of the 2000s. The response from customers was consistently positive. The use of sustainable materials was a done deal.

Edition No. 2, market launch 2010

The findings from Edition No. 1 have been incorporated into the new conception of RECLAIM. The focus was on the design: It was aimed at business users who appreciate both a classic appearance and who possess a clear-cut attitude to the topic of ecology. Positioned in the mid-entry segment in terms of price and function, discreet grey highlights made up the typical character of this series. 16 choices in various sizes and colours offered a wide range of choice. In total, over 200,000 mobile users have opted for RECLAIM products – a great success story.



Edition No. 3, market launch 2014

Elated by the resounding success of its predecessor series RECLAIM, DICOTA introduced the next eleven-model product family made of rPET in 2014. Practical features – such as tablet and power supply compartments – enhanced the bags, backpacks, and trolleys. The practical, sustainable companions for the demanding, hectic everyday business life also enjoyed great popularity. They quickly became top sellers in the DICOTA portfolio – around 250,000 units are in use by customers.


Material change for our best-selling collections
Since 2021, customers have been receiving the tried and tested bestsellers that have been appreciated millions of times over in the new Eco version. Consistently developed and further improved in detail, the Eco BASE, Eco PRO, Eco SCALE and Eco SELECT collections allow up to 45 PET bottles to be used for new and useful purposes. The success story continues.


The eighth product family to start the new year
In 2022, the eighth product family, Eco MOTION, made of recycled materials has been launched. Thus, DICOTA is and remains the leading supplier of sustainable transport solutions for Notebooks and other items.


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