DICOTA is amfori BSCI certified again!

DICOTA is amfori BSCI certified again!

Produced in China? The popular opinion is this: as cheap as possible, no inspection/compliance with labour law standards, workers employed on an assembly line, poorly paid. DICOTA knows: Thanks to many years of close cooperation with local production partners, this prejudice does not apply.On the contrary: Anyone who produces and sells environmentally fair products must also apply this fair play to people; otherwise, the balance is simply not right.

As a member of Amfori BSCI, DICOTA is highly committed to ensuring exemplary working conditions in global supply chains.

Amfori’s eleven-point charter includes comprehensive worker protection, as well as provisions to safeguard health, safety, and equality in the workplace. Protection against child labour is also part of the Code of Conduct providing appropriate training measures for young people. In close cooperation with its suppliers, DICOTA ensures that the far-reaching criteria for certification are continuously implemented.

The partners undertake to comply fully with the specifications and to work to establish fair and social working conditions.

Therefore, DICOTA is a Amfori BSCI member since 2015. Download Certificate of Participation 2023 here.