Behind the scenes: how the Eco MOTION product video was made

Behind the scenes: how the Eco MOTION product video was made

For the launch of the Eco MOTION collection, we had decided on a lifestyle video and a photo shoot. These media allow the viewer to experience the new collection in a visually appealing way. The products are shown in action and convey a very specific attitude towards life. But how was the product video created? How were the filming locations chosen? In this article, we take a look behind the scenes.

The concept

The collection consists of bags and rucksacks that stand for an agile and fashionable lifestyle. They are made from recycled PET bottles, so the aspect of sustainability should not be neglected. Therefore, we had set ourselves the goal of creating an emotional result, which authentically reflects our brand’s values and atmosphere.

It was then time to develop the story, find the right content creator, models, locations, etc.

The content creator

Armin Nussbaumer was already known to us from an earlier shoot. On that occasion, we had recorded a statement on the subject of sustainability and DICOTA. Due to the smooth collaboration and the excellent result, it was clear to us that we wanted to work with Armin again on this project.

With his expertise as an experienced videographer and photographer, Armin Nussbaumer provides everything from a single source and proved to be the ideal candidate for our project. His ability to perfectly combine the emotional impact of images and videos allowed us to present the Eco MOTION collection in an authentic and engaging way.

Armin Nussbaumer / www.arminnussbaumer.com

The story

In order to showcase the products in the best possible way while telling an emotional story, we had to find a suitable storyline for the film. Armin had worked out our original idea of showing a day in the life of a freelancer, presented the first concept and developed it to the final story.

Excerpts from the storyboard

The cast

Finding the right actors was a challenge, as we only had a very short lead time and the shooting date was not entirely certain due to locations and weather. Armin placed several ads on online portals and sent us a shortlist of actors. The choice finally fell on Veronica Kiriak and Marcel Renggli. The two hit it off right away, were professional and ensured a smooth collaboration.

Marcel Renggli and Veronica Kiriak


The locations

When planning the locations for the video, it was important to us to create an atmosphere that reflected the trendy and urban flair of Zurich. Furthermore, it was clear that we needed several locations to show an authentic working day. However, due to the tight time frame and the challenge of obtaining filming permits, we limited ourselves to the most important locations.

The choice finally fell on the Kornhausbrücke, the Ambassador House for all interior shots, the charming Kafi Freud, a beautiful location in Niederdorf for the fountain scene and the Negrellisteg.

Insights into the shoot at Kafi Freud and the Ambassador House.


The shoot and the post-production

After a short but intensive planning phase, the shooting could begin. We had planned two days for this. This was a challenge for everyone involved, but thanks to Armin's routine and good planning, we had everything in the box by the evening of the second day and were excited about the result.

Immediately after the shoot was completed, Armin began working on all the assets to bring them to life. Every detail was perfected to ensure high quality.

With dedication and commitment, everyone involved had contributed to making this project a complete success. We now invite you to watch the finished Eco MOTION video: