DICOTA focusses on consolidation

DICOTA focusses on consolidation

In a world that is constantly evolving, DICOTA is faced with the exciting task of efficiently organising a continuously growing product range. With this in mind, the company has taken a significant step towards a pioneering new era for its warehouse organisation. The goal is clear: the optimisation of DICOTA's warehouse logistics, so that it can meet increasing demands on product variety and scope.

This strategic decision to consolidate its operation offers numerous advantages for DICOTA. Optimising warehouse capacity not only frees up valuable space but also enables more efficient utilisation. At the same time, centralised warehouse management allows more precise control over inventory, orders and deliveries, resulting in faster, more flexible and more accurate order processing.

Spedition Wackler as a reliable partner
To centralise as many goods as possible in a single warehouse, thus enabling more efficient transportation, DICOTA enjoys a tried-and-tested partnership with the shipping company Wackler, its logistics partner in Baden-Württemberg. The collaboration between DICOTA and Spedition Wackler has a successful history, based in particular on trust and reliability.

"The consolidation of customer shipments is an important step for our warehouse logistics. With Spedition Wackler, we have a partner who not only understands our requirements, but also ensures that they are implemented with the utmost precision and efficiency," says Dr Philip Lattauer, Head of Logistics at DICOTA.

Efficient shipping, fewer shipments, reduced CO2 emissions
Another key aspect of consolidation is the grouping of orders that are dispatched on a defined day. This optimised transport of goods significantly increases shipping efficiency while also enabling a reduction in the number of shipments and empty runs. One direct positive impact is a reduction in CO2 emissions, which contributes to more environmentally friendly logistics.

As a result, the consolidation of shipping is not just a strategic step towards efficient warehouse logistics at DICOTA; it also contributes to sustainability and environmental protection. The company remains true to its goal of offering high-quality products while behaving responsibly and conserving resources.