Next Level Product: The Lightest – Reduce to the Max

Next Level Product: The Lightest – Reduce to the Max

In an era where back pain and tension are some of the most common medical conditions, ergonomics plays a central role in our everyday lives. The importance of optimising our everyday lives ergonomically and reducing physical strain to a minimum has become essential.

With this challenge in mind, DICOTA has developed an innovative solution that not only opens up new perspectives, but could revolutionise the way we carry things.

The "The Lightest" concept: Reduce to the Max

With its "The Lightest" approach, DICOTA is striving to develop the company's lightest backpack to date. But "light" does not mean "limited" - despite the weight reduction, we spent a lot of time designing it for protectiveness and practicality as well. True to the motto "Reduce to the maximum", a product has been designed that could change the future of transport solutions. The result of the intensive research and development work is impressive: the backpack weighs in at just 197g. By way of comparison, this is roughly equivalent to the weight of a large apple. The prototype "The Lightest" thus sets new standards and is four times lighter than a traditional DICOTA backpack.

The material: Robust and light as a feather

But how do you achieve such a revolution in bag design? The answer is ripstop nylon. This material is a particularly tear-resistant fabric characterised by the regular interweaving of thicker threads in an otherwise thinner texture. By using 70-denier ripstop nylon, originally developed for military purposes and shipping, DICOTA has succeeded in combining robustness and lightness in a unique design.

Conclusion: The future of transport solutions

"The Lightest" is a concept from DICOTA that shows how the fusion of functionality, ergonomics and innovative material design could shape the future of how we carry our items with us. The prototype, which can also be folded up compactly for travelling, is a shining example of how DICOTA understands the needs of its customers and responds to them with pioneering solutions.

We can look forward to seeing what products emerge from these prototypes and how they will make mobility easier for all of us.