Webcam Pro Face Recognition

Webcam Pro Face Recognition

The latest addition to the DICOTA Webcam portfolio is the PRO Face Recognition webcam. In addition to Full HD videos, this also enables facial recognition; typing in your personal password is no longer necessary, a look into the lens is sufficient and the infrared camera captures the face and logs the user in directly. All this within a few moments.

The facts speak for themselves:

  • Infrared sensor, compatible with Windows® Hello
  • Full HD Resolution (1080p/30fps)
  • Autofocus
  • Omnidirectional microphone
  • Cover panel for privacy
  • Can be mounted flexibly, on the monitor, on the table or tripod
  • Camera can be tilted by 20° and rotated by 360°

We explain why the PRO Face Recognition webcam is just right for you.

What are the advantages of facial recognition?

Windows® Hello is essentially an alternative to the use of passwords and is considered more user-friendly, secure and reliable in comparison.
The camera is equipped with an infrared sensor and offers fast, secure facial recognition for Windows® Hello. Therefore, you do not need to enter a password: a glance into the lens of the camera is enough to log you in. Furthermore, this webcam ensures that no one can log in with a photo of the user.


Why do I need autofocus?

The webcam films in full HD. However, this is of little use if the face is not in focus. The focus determines at what distance the camera works optimally. An incorrect value can cause you to appear out of focus when you move away from the optimal focus point.

If the camera has autofocus, it searches for the face automatically and keeps it in focus - or the nearest object in front of the camera. This feature is quite useful, especially if you move around a lot in front of the camera.


What is an omnidirectional microphone?

These are microphones that have an omnidirectional characteristic and are able to record sound waves evenly from all directions. Therefore, the voice is recorded even if you do not speak directly into the microphone. Modern webcams are equipped with several omnidirectional microphones in order to transmit a natural and clear sound. The quality of the recording is significantly better compared to simple webcams with a stereo microphone.


How do I make sure I am not being spied on?

With a webcam, security concerns are inevitable because hackers have the possibility of accessing unprotected cameras in the home network. So this webcam offers a practical slider that allows you to conveniently slide the cover in front of the lens when needed. Unlike the plastic discs that are attached in front of the lens, these do not run the risk of getting lost.

Alternatively, the integrated light, which always lights up as soon as the webcam is in use, also helps. In case of doubt, this may indicate unauthorised access.


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