Only with STYLE

Only with STYLE

We wanted to bring out something new and so we designed STYLE

The first collection that combines metropolitan design with pure functionality and DICOTA reliable protection. The perfect match to complete everyday outfits, the STYLE family was born to provide you with everything you need. 

Metropolitan design

The collection was inspired by every twist and turn of the streets of Berlin. The architectural shapes and forms. The changes in weather. Berlin style is progressively being mentioned in the same breath as other fashion metropolises such as New York, Paris and Milan. Its style has something unique. In the streets of Berlin, everything is mixed, new with old, casual with modern...this is reflected in the current diversity of lifestyles that makes Berlin so unique today. Our collection reflects this touch of casual style with a love of detail.

Water repellent

In cities like Berlin, where we did our lifestyle photoshoot, the weather can always surprise you. That won't be a problem anymore with our new collection. As water can’t easily penetrate the material of our STYLE collection, your electronic devices and personal belongings will be always safe from rain. 

The material of the STYLE collection is water resisten

Ergonomic design

Travel comfortably thanks to the ergonomic design. DICOTA cares for your optimal comfort. This is why the back of our Backpack is made of breathable material, as are the cushioning and padded shoulder straps. Moreover, on the Top Traveller, the length-adjustable shoulder strap has extra cushioning and it is attached diagonally for ideal weight distribution. Even when you use our bags over a long period, your back will be safe. 

The Backpack STYLE has ergonomic design


Compartments for charging equipment, cables, tablets, dividers for small items, smartphones, roll-top mechanisms, flexible fastening straps, hidden side pockets, trolley straps...

Take a close look at the 4 STYLE components: all have dedicated inner compartments to keep things organised and cover all demands of an urban environment. The DICOTA DNA is based on functionality, user-friendliness and the highest degree of everyday practicality.

Reliable protection

When we talk about first-class protection, it’s because we know what we’re doing. Customers worldwide have trusted DICOTA for more than 25 years to protect and transport their electronic companions. These devices contain valuable professional and personal data, deserving of maximum protection. The company’s position as a quality leader is based on its strict material and processing philosophy, continual testing and comprehensive test procedures.

The padding protection from STYLE will protect your computers and tablets – find the one that fits your device.

Lifetime warranty

DICOTA has 26 years of expertise in manufacturing masterpieces. Our checks mean we can be sure of delivering quality products, and promise you the same certainty. The extensive guarantee standards highlight the longevity of our products. Despite strict quality tests, defects may occur in products, which is why DICOTA offers a lifetime* guarantee for potential material and processing defects on notebook bags. Additional information on our comprehensive guarantee services can be found here.

*For Germany limited to 30 years, based on legal restrictions.

Get ready for the next adventure – but only with STYLE!