Maximum connectivity – Cooperation with i-tec Technologies

Maximum connectivity – Cooperation with i-tec Technologies

As the experts in mobile working, we have decided to expand our range of universal docking stations. To this end, we have started a collaborative effort with i-tec Technologies, one of the leading providers of connectivity solutions.

With these new products, users are able to expand the capabilities of their mobile devices – such as notebooks and tablets – and connect a wide range of peripherals such as (multiple) external monitors, data storage devices, keyboards, input devices and other accessories.

i-tec is one of the most renowned manufacturers of connectivity solutions and docking stations and, like DICOTA, adheres to the highest quality standards. As a European company based in the Czech Republic, i-tec also offers short delivery routes, on-site support and correspondingly fast response times. Remote work and hybrid working have become the new standard in recent years. This has also increased the array of demands and expectations on the usability of mobile devices, be it when working from home or on the road. With the new docking stations from DICOTA and i-tec, users can get the most out of their devices and work both efficiently and ergonomically under a wide range of conditions.


The right solution for demanding requirements

The following seven docking stations are now available from DICOTA:

For desktop and mobile use

The docking stations are suitable for use in the office and on business trips. The stations contain a wide variety of connection options; From HDMI to Power Delivery to 100W, these docking stations have something to cover every need:



USB-C 11-in-1 Docking Station 5K HDMI/DP PD 100W

Available with country specific power supply (EU/UK)



USB-C/USB-A 11-in-1 Docking Station HDMI



USB-C 12-in-1 Docking Station 5K HDMI/DP PD 100W

Available with country specific power supply (EU/UK/CH)



USB-C 13-in-1 Docking Station 5K HDMI/DP PD 65W

Available with country specific power supply (EU/UK/CH)



USB-C 11-in-1 Docking Station 5K HDMI/DP PD 100W

Available with country specific power supply (EU/UK/CH)


For mobile use

A compact and lightweight design is key. The docking stations can be stowed in any bag, and are also perfect for working on the move. With HDMI connection and Power Delivery up to 100W.



USB-C Portable 8-in-1 Docking Station 4K HDMI/PD 100W




USB-C Portable 10-in-1 Docking Station HDMI/PD 100W


Are you unsure as to which docking station is right for your needs? This overview provides you with clarity on the specifications:

Discover the full range of docking stations here.


About i-tec Technologies

i-tec Technologies specialises in the development and manufacture of products and solutions for mobile device users. Founded in 1995 in the Czech Republic, the company is one of the leading suppliers in this particular market segment. The product portfolio includes universal docking stations, video adapters, hubs, data storage devices, chargers, LAN adapters and other accessory solutions. i-tec has already sold roughly 11 million products in over 50 countries worldwide, and completed more than 1,500 enterprise projects.