Working comfortably with your notebook

Working comfortably with your notebook

Do you feel neck and back pain when working long hours in front of your Laptop? Do you often lean forward to read text on your device?

But why is it important to have a proper office ergonomics?

We are all aware that at some point through the day we start slouching and leaning forward towards our computer and paperwork or even tilt and twist to one side on our chair. We all live busy lives and it is completely understandable that maintaining a good posture for the whole day can be difficult and something we can easily forget about.

However, if you sit properly then not only are you preventing potential problems, but you will also carry your good posture with you on the daily life. So, it’s about developing a good habit and implementing it into everyday life.

A good posture will also help you avoid problems like back pain, muscle or even headaches and migraines.


The Laptop and Tablet Stand is the perfect solution to adjust your device to an ergonomically and comfortable position. The Stand has seven height levels. This helps to correct posture and viewing angle to allow you to work throughout the entire day without any pain.

Universally compatible with devices from different manufacturers and devices of different sizes. The stand is made from high-quality aluminium and has heat-reducing properties to prevent the device from over-heating. The silicone pads ensure that the device does not slip off the stand or get scratched. Folds flat, easy to store and transport, wherever you go to.

  • Universally compatible with laptops and tablets
  • 7 adjustable heights
  • Work ergonomically from anywhere
  • Made from high-quality aluminium
  • The open part at the back prevents over-heating
  • Silicone pads prevent scratching and slipping
  • Compact and light

Learn more about the Tablet and Notebook Stand here.