Time to celebrate and
look back on the last three

The celebration of three decades of growth has only been possible because of the relationships of trust established over the years with our customers and partners. We are very grateful to all those who have supported us during this period and helped to position DICOTA as a leading brand of high-end carry case solutions and computer accessories. We are very grateful for all the people who have supported us and look forward to continuing this success story with you!

Vielen Dank

Our story of growth and passion

Look back on 30 years of passion and becoming a successful brand for sustainable carrying solutions:


1992 - Established in Germany
DICOTA GmbH was founded in 1992 in Bietigheim- Bissingen by Siegmund Gailing. Computers became portable for the first time and needed a reliable and convenient transport solution.


2002 - Founding of the sub brand BASE XX
BASE XX was introduced to the market. The brand contained a collection of different types of bags in the entry-level price segment. In 2021, the entire collection was re-worked and re-launched.


2009 - First bags made from natural materials
The two messenger bags with an alpine look picked up on the "Green IT" trend of the 2000s. They were made of both robust and environmentally friendly canvas cotton fabric and leather.


2010 - First collection made from recycled PET
RECLAIM was the name of the first collection made from rPET. In total, more than 200.000 mobile users chose one of the 16 models - a great success story!


2013 – New products categories: locks and filters
The portfolio expanded with privacy filters in 2010 and notebook locks in 2013. Today we offer a large selection with the fitting accessories for almost every notebook.


2019 – Addition of mobile working accessories
Further accessories were added to the portfolio to support the trend of mobile working and to make working on the move as comfortable as possible.


2022 – Sustainable goal achieved: 95% bags recycled
In DICOTA's anniversary year we can expect further collections made from recycled PET. In addition, carrying solutions from the existing portfolio will be converted to rPET.

The future looks sustainable

As a forward-thinking brand, we are fully aware of our social and ecological responsibility. Since the launch of our first collection produced from environmentally friendly material in 2010, we have been committed to improving our contribution to recycling by creating more products that are sustainable. This year, more than 95% of our transportation solutions are made from rPET. We will continue to focus on eco-friendliness and expand our sustainable carrying solutions in the years to come.

We planted




Since our beginnings in 1992, sustainability has been a top priority. Not only with regard to the ethically and environmentally conscious production of DICOTA products, but also for our business partnerships.

To mark the occasion of our 30th anniversary, we have decided to work in partnership with THG (more:trees) to plant for a greener future. Thanks to this contribution, we are helping to absorb CO2 emissions in the future, while improving local communities and habitats today.