The new chargers - charge where and how you like

The new chargers - charge where and how you like

Smartphones, tablets and laptops help us to work and stay in contact with others at all times. That is why it is important that the battery is always charged and, in the best case, loading time does not take too long. Here we explain which charger is the right one for your everyday life.

USB-C or USB-A, which is the right charger?


USB-C is the new standard and is available on almost all new Android smartphones, tablets and notebooks. It is smaller and lighter than the Type-A, but offers a higher performance (fast charging function) and thus shortens the charging process. In addition, the plug is point-symmetrical, so it can never be plugged in the wrong way round.


USB-A is currently the most widely used USB type. Most computers, monitors and consoles contain a USB-A port to connect accessories such as keyboards, mice, controllers and much more.


What power does the charger need for my device?

USB-C charger performance


18 to 27 W

Smartphones, cameras, drones

27 to 45 W

Tablets, laptops with low power consumption

45 to 100 W

Laptops with high power consumption, monitors

However, it should be noted here that chargers with a lower power can also charge devices for which a higher charging power is intended. The charging process will simply take more time than if you charge with the appropriate charging power.


Which charger suits my requirements?

Charging adapter

The adapter is connected to the power supply and then charges several devices at the same time. The output voltage and charging current automatically adjust to the connected devices so that the charging power is optimally distributed among the connected devices and no overcurrent/ overvoltage occurs. The adapters are also ideal for use on the road or when travelling. A light, compact power supply unit is sufficient to charge all common devices.

Laptop Charger Universal PRO USB-C (120W)
Simultaneously charge 4 devices / 2 x USB-C output with Power Delivery 3.0 / 2 x USB-A output with Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ technology. To the product


Laptop Charger Universal (40W)
Simultaneously charge 4 devices / 1 x USB-C output with Power Delivery 2.0 / 2 x USB-A output with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology. To the product


Car charger

Efficient charging on the go; and not only for your smartphone, but also for tablets, notebooks and more. Protection function against overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit or overheating.

Laptop Car Charger Universal PRO 12/24V (100 W)
Simultaneous charging of 2 devices / USB-C output including USB-C power cable (5-20 V, up to 5 A) / USB-A output - can be used simultaneously for most mobile devices (5-12 V, up to 1.5 A). To the product

Laptop Car Charger Universal 12/24V (45W)
Simultaneous charging of 2 devices / USB-C output (5-20 V, up to 3 A) / USB-A output (5 V, up to 2.4 A) To the product


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