The Safest - The concept product for next level protection and safety

The Safest - The concept product for next level protection and safety

In order to make innovations and the design of the present visually tangible, DICOTA has developed three unique prototypes. These were presented exclusively at IFA Berlin. Get an insight into upcoming products and topics that will occupy DICOTA in the future.


The starting position

A backpack that protects personal belongings and valuables from theft. For all those who are on the road a lot and want to protect themselves against theft and/or accidents. No need to compromise on the look, feel, or interior of the backpack.

The concept

The first backpack from DICOTA with maximum protection and safety features, including a zipper with fingerprint protection, an anti-cut material, a removable reflector strip, and much more.

The protection and safety features

Cut-resistant material

The front of the backpack and the belt bag are made of a cut-resistant material. This material does not differ visually from conventional polyester. It is also flexible and comfortable to wear, offering the usual comfort of a backpack. The cut-resistant material stops the fabric from being cut open easily, preventing pickpockets from easily accessing the contents of the bag.

Detachable belt pouch

Plans can change - and with the detachable belt pouch you can stay flexible. The small bag can either be worn on the backpack or separately as a crossbody or hip bag. This bag is also made of cut-resistant material.

Zipper with fingerprint opening

The zipper of the main compartment can be opened with your own fingerprint. The principle is the same as unlocking a smartphone. This prevents access by third parties and requires neither a key nor a password.

D3O foam

D3O's state-of-the-art protection system offers maximum protection against bumps and knocks. D3O conducts numerous tests on material characterisation, impact and abrasion resistance, comfort, and dexterity to ensure reliable impact protection. D3O can be found in leading manufacturers of helmets, gloves, smartphone cases and other protective equipment.