Father Christmas relies on DICOTA: A special bag for a magical mission

Father Christmas relies on DICOTA: A special bag for a magical mission

Which bag does Father Christmas actually use to transport all his presents safely and efficiently? Here at DICOTA, we have often asked ourselves this question - because Santa's bag has to fulfil some very unique requirements.

The challenges of a magical night

Father Christmas's bag has to withstand a lot: not only does it have to be robust and tear-resistant to withstand the harsh conditions of Christmas night, it also has to offer enough space for lots of presents. Cleverly organised, he then manages to store all the presents in such a way that he can find them again with ease - which is extremely helpful, given the time pressure he is under.

Not particularly enviable: Father Christmas works in all weathers. Not only do he and his faithful animal companions have to brave the cold and wet weather, his equipment also has to protect his precious cargo from wind, rain and snow in order to fulfil his special mission.

And gifts are not immune to thieves either. Nasty grinches are just waiting for their chance to ruin a party or two by stealing the much-anticipated treasures. His solution? Father Christmas's bags are well secured with locks and hidden compartments for stowing away the most precious gifts. And if one or two bags do get lost, they can be found quickly and easily thanks to the GPS tracker, which is cleverly placed inside the bags. This way, Father Christmas can ensure that every present arrives on time.

A bag for a special mission

Unsurprisingly, Father Christmas uses bags from DICOTA - and we are proud that he relies on our quality and expertise. Like Father Christmas, our customers and partners (with whom we work successfully) also place their trust in us - and we would like to express our sincere thanks for this. Because this trust is the best gift we could wish for.

We wish you all a peaceful festive season: may this Christmas time be as special for everyone as it is for the man in red and white!