Privacy Filter 2-Way MIIX 510 12/MIIX 520

The Secret 2-Way privacy filters prevent your display from being viewed from two sides (left/right)

Remote working has made convertibles increasingly popular. In public places, it is difficult to protect the data on the display from being seen by third parties. DICOTA has the perfect solution for you! The Secret 2-Way is a highly effective protective film for your display that protects personal and confidential data from prying eyes. The protective film is placed directly on the screen. Plastic holders affixed to the edges of the screen keep the filter in place. The filter can be easily removed from the screen as needed.

The Secret 2-Way protective film not only prevents unwanted viewing of your display, but also protects against scratches. Additional product features include high mechanical resilience and ease of removal. The 2-way technology protects the display from being viewed by prying eyes from two sides: left/right. A handy and effective way to ensure that no one but you can see your data. Ideal for use in a hotel or on the bus, train or plane.
  • Privacy protection from two sides (left/right)
  • Limits side-to-side vision to ±30°
  • 43% blue light cutting
  • Touch capable
  • A clear view at all times
  • Accurate colour reproduction
  • Reduces reflections and fingerprints
  • High scratch resistance
  • Matt and glossy side provide optimum visibility in any open space
  • Attached using plastic holders and adhesive points

More Information

More Information
Item number D31649
Color black
Volume in liters 0
Type of filter Secret 2-Way
Material PET
Warranty 24 months
EAN 7640158668283
Product Measurements (mm)294 x 196 x 0.38 mm
11.57 x 7.72 x 0.01 inch
Weight0.03 kg / 0.06 lbs