Masterkey for Laptop Lock Universal

Spare masterkey for universal lock

A notebook can be stolen in an instant. Expensive hardware and important data are lost. This can also involve a lot of work and great expense. Police, insurance, data recovery etc. Targeted prevention is the answer. With a quality lock from DICOTA. Easy, convenient and effective. Ideal for use in the office, in cars or in hotels.

The lock connected to this master key is designed to be used in a larger locking programme. Each user receives an individual lock that can be operated exclusively with the two personal keys supplied. At the same time, the IT manager has maximum control and can open all the locks with the Masterkey for the sake of service. The system is custom made for your company (available from 50 units).

More Information

More Information
Item number D31701
Color black
Volume in liters 0
Material steel / plastic
Warranty 24 months
EAN 7640158668795
Product Measurements (mm)40 x 7 x 15 mm
1.57 x 0.28 x 0.59 inch
Weight0.01 kg / 0.03 lbs