The new Productfinder 4.0 - Find the right accessories quickly and easily

The new Productfinder 4.0 - Find the right accessories quickly and easily

From the notebook bag to the privacy filter or cable lock: finding compatible accessories for your device is often rather cumbersome. Is the chosen backpack really an ideal fit for your notebook? What was the exact display size of the tablet again?

Effective immediately, there are no more unpleasant surprises when buying accessories for mobile devices. Our new DICOTA Productfinder 4.0 makes choosing the right accessories really easy.

More than 70,000 devices in the database

Search and filter options allow users to view exactly those products that are the best fit for the device in question. The Productfinder 4.0 has exact data for over 70,000 devices and more than 180 manufacturers. Precise selection is possible on this basis – with the good feeling of getting exactly the right accessory for efficient mobile work.

The Productfinder 4.0 covers the entire DICOTA product range, encompassing some 750 accessory products – from notebook bags and backpacks to privacy filters and cable locks to docking stations, USB hubs and other accessories.

The DICOTA Productfinder 4.0 is always up to date

Automatic updates ensure that the DICOTA Productfinder 4.0 is always up to date. Thus accessories for the latest models can be found just as easily as for example for notebooks that have not been available new for years but are still commonly used. Quick navigation is facilitated by free text input or selection via the manufacturer, device type and model or series. Also handy: Optionally, product data for various products can be conveniently exported in list form as an XLXS file. Datasheets for individual products can also be generated for a detailed overview.

The new DICOTA Productfinder 4.0 is available at https://www.dicota.com/euro_en/finder.