Data protection - everything you need to know about privacy filters

Data protection - everything you need to know about privacy filters

Why privacy filters are important?

The protection of your private and business data from unwanted eyes is important. This prevents data theft and complies with applicable European legal regulations (GDPR). These filters are designed to provide a clear and sharp image when the user is facing the screen. At 30 degrees or more to either side, computer and mobile device screens appear entirely black, while the user sees the image perfectly.

Privacy filters DICOTA

Today DICOTA offers over 800 filters for a wide variety of devices such as: Smartphones, Tablets, Notebooks, Monitors. For many years the company has improved the privacy filters and was one of the first companies to introduce a Universal Magnetic Attachment technology to the market.

Attachment technologies:

All existing attachment technologies are available from DICOTA. Each of them has its own special features.

Magnetic: This type of fixation allows for great flexibility. Its speed and ease of installation and removal is an important advantage for people working in teams on sensitive data. This fixing system can also be used for screens without a metal frame thanks to the magnetic strips supplied.

Side mounted: Very practical for computer screens. The filter is easily slid in from above and is held in place by tabs attached to the screen frame. Its matt and glossy side provide optimum visibility in any open space. Self-adhesive transparent tapes are included in the package.

Self-adhesive: It’s silicone layer on one side guarantees fixation on the entire surface. This semi-permanent solution allows the filter to be removed from the screen if necessary. The adhesive surface can be cleaned with water if it is soiled. This solution guarantees reliable use under difficult conditions.

Protection systems


The 2-way technology protects the display from being viewed by prying eyes from two sides: left/right. It limits side-to-side vision to ±30°. A handy and effective way to ensure that no one but you can see your data.


The 4-Way is a highly effective protective film for your display that protects personal and confidential data from prying eyes. It limits side-to-side and up/down vision to ±30° each. This 360° screen protection is effective even when you are sitting down and someone passes behind you.


The Anti-glare filter reduces mirror-like reflections from bright indoor lights or sunlight to help keep what's on your screen clear and visible. It is particularly helpful in changing lighting conditions and makes long screen work easier on the eyes.

On top to the main features above each filter has specific characteristics. For more details, please have a look to the technical sheet of every privacy filter on www.DICOTA.com

If you have specific questions, please contact us using the following e-mail address: [email protected]

How to easily find the fitting privacy filter for my device?

The DICOTA Productfinder 4.0 is a revolutionary tool that makes it much easier and faster to find the right privacy filter. Thanks to the different search options, everyone can easily find the Filter or additional accessories which exactly fits the device. More than 70’000 electronic devices are listed. You can search by product type, model name and brand. Try the Productfinder 4.0

Tailored to your device Are you looking for a tailor-made solution for your hardware? Thanks to a production based in Germany, DICOTA can tailor filters to any size of electronic device in an extremely short time. A new Filter can also be produced in small quantities. We will be happy to advice you in detail via the e-mail address: [email protected]

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