Laptop Sleeve URBAN 15" Grey

Stylish protection for your MacBook or Ultrabook thanks to durable neoprene.

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Elegant and minimalistic: the high-quality design of the URBAN skin perfectly matches the shape of your MacBook. The skin features a soft faux fur lining that protects it from scratches and dust.

The compact sleeve is made of an elastic neoprene material. It is light, durable and powerful thanks to its sturdy design. The URBAN skin comes in two different colours and is available in four MacBook sizes: 12, 13, 15 and 16 inches.
  • Made of durable elastic neoprene
  • Fits your MacBook like a second skin
  • Soft faux fur lining protects against dust and scratches
  • Great design
  • Available in four sizes and two different colours

More Information

More Information
Item number D31753
Color grey
Volume in liters 0
Material Neoprene
Warranty Lifetime / 30 years
EAN 7640158669389
Max. Device Measurements (mm)350 x 25 x 245 mm
13.78 x 0.98 x 9.65 inch
Product Measurements (mm)360 x 265 x 20 mm
14.17 x 10.43 x 0.79 inch
Weight0.23 kg / 0.51 lbs