The perfect privacy filter for your edge-to-edge device

The perfect privacy filter for your edge-to-edge device

Why are privacy filters important?

Protecting your personal and business data from prying eyes is important. It prevents data from being stolen and meets the requirements of existing European legislation (GDPR). These filters are designed to provide the user with a clear and sharp image from the front of the screen. From a side angle of 30 degrees, however, the screens of computers and mobile devices appear completely black whilst still providing the user with a precise view of the screen.

When is an edge-to-edge filter required?

Filters in universal sizes may not always be suitable for every device. Some notebooks and desktops have a slightly protruding frame around the screen (Image 1). Others, such as ‘edge-to-edge’ or ‘full glass’ devices, have no visible edge (Image 2).

If you attach a standard filter to the frameless glass of a laptop, it creates an unsightly edge which can collect dust.

An edge-to-edge filter offers you the following advantages:

-      The entire screen is protected from glare and scratches.

-      The double-sided adhesive strips for the side-mounted filters are attached to the devices frame and not in the middle of the screens glass surface, where they can be irritating.

DICOTA has customised edge-to-edge filter solutions to ensure the perfect-fitting filter for your device. The privacy filter is thus made to fit the respective device.

The advantages of the DICOTA edge-to-edge filter

DICOTA privacy filters are manufactured in Germany, meaning we can tailor them to almost any size of electronic device within a very short time.
Such filters can also be produced in small batches.

All you have to do is tell us how many filter solutions you need and for what kind of device, we will then take care of the rest.

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