The screen protector you need

The screen protector you need
Did you know that we have one of the widest range of screen filters on the market?

DICOTA has more than 200 different filters from little screens measuring just 4” to the biggest at 24”! Anti-Glare, Secret 2-Way and Secret 4-Way for smartphones, tablets, computers and big screens are all available for you in a variety of sizes.

If for any reason we don't have the filter you need in our range (Anti-Glare, Privacy 2-Way or 4-Way), from a minimum order quantity of 5 units, we will produce the film you want using our custom-made system to perfectly fit the respective device!

Let’s go a little bit more into the detail:

The screen protector is your first choice - Anti-Glare filters

Anti-Glare filters are produced to the right size with maximum reliability using state-of-the-art laser cutters. It takes just a few seconds for it to adhere to the full surface of the display and begin carrying out its functions. No more scratches, fewer annoying fingerprints and a high degree of anti-reflection coating for your display. It can be easily removed at any time without leaving any residue.

Privacy filters prevent your display from being viewed - Secret 2-Way and 4-Way

Whether you are writing short e-mails while on the go or entering data into the customer database directly after an appointment: modern smartphones and tablets frequently enable you to leave your notebook in its case when performing smaller tasks. However, at the same time, this means smaller mobile devices used for business should also be protected from unauthorized viewing.

“All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret.” ― Gabriel García Márquez

2-Way and 4-Way films adhere to the surface of your display using three different systems:

  • Self-adhesive: can be adhered over the entire screen, thanks to a silicone layer, are suitable for permanent privacy protection and can be removed with guaranteed no bubbling and residues.
  • Side-mounted: both silicone strips and slide-in brackets for the monitor frame are included in the scope of delivery. This way the filter can be removed just as easily and reused.
  • Magnetic: can be affixed within a matter of seconds and as easily removed and reused. The magnet solution is suitable for MacBooks and other devices with metal housing.

As well as its privacy function, the benefits of a suitable privacy filter are twofold because they are designed to be a general screen protector and protect the sensitive glass surface from damage and scratches without compromising the touch functionality. They also have the added benefit of a special coating that reduces the level of blue light.

DICOTA screen protectors have quality products you can rely on.