Reclaim Sleeves

Reclaim is a practical slim case that perfectly protects your notebook thanks to the HDF (High Density Foam) cushioning. This bag is part of our Reclaim collection that consists of notebook cases made primarily from recycled PET. Recycled PET is a type of polyester that has a considerably lower impact on the environment compared to newly produced polyester. The collection is one way DICOTA is making a substantive contribution to lower our environmental footprints.

The bag also has a metal frame that adds further protection and the notebook is kept safely in place in the bag with the tie-down strap. Cables and accessories such as pens and mobile phones can be placed in the spacious outer compartment. In the main compartment there is a slip pocket that can be used for documents. The soft handle lets you carry the bag comfortably.

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Reclaim Sleeves

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