Protective features

High density foam: High-Density Foam is a type of polyurethane foam that is composed of a large amount of open cells that are packed tightly together. The high concentration of cells lets air pass through the holes in the cells with ease. This makes the foam hold its shape, even when exposed to rough treatments.

Memory foam
: This material, originally developed by NASA, is a type of polyurethane foam with increased viscosity and density. Memory foam is pressure sensitive and moulds quickly to the shape of the notebook. The force of blows is distributed evenly across the entire surface of the foam, thereby keeping your notebook safe.

Permanent air cells
: Permanent Air Cells is a patented, extremely robust multi chamber system with air filled cells providing superior protection for the notebook. The air cells are shock absorbing and each cell is completely separate, meaning that should a cell be punctured it does not affect the protective effect.

Hard case: The bag has a hard exterior which provides extra protection for your notebook.

Metal frame
: The bag has a fabric covered metal frame on the inside making the case more solid and firm for better protection of the notebook.

EVA frame protection
: The bag has a frame made of perforated EVA foam that provides light weight and flexible protection around the notebook.

Lockable notebook compartment: The bag either has an integrated locking mechanism or zipper pullers with locking function where you can attach a separate padlock.