The professional, transportable office for working with a notebook and printer. The mobile computing equipment is optimally protected by the aluminium construction of the case with side walls made from extremely light and unbreakable ”Conpearl” plastic. In addition, the DataDesk 100 is lockable. Two keys are included. The inner plate for mounting the hardware is made from deep-drawn ABS parts.

The notebook is fixed via 3M dual lock attachments and support brackets made from plastic. The printer fits perfectly into the opening intended for it. Simply open the case and off you go! Notebook and printer remain firmly wired into the case in the lower case shell, ready to work on. Paper guide is space-saving and crease-resistant beneath the notebook platform. Two different socket boxes allow the connection of notebooks by differing manufacturers (up to 360 x 300 x 45 mm). The notebook and printer mains adapters are connected to the case outer shell via the 220V low heat device connector. The accessory pockets in the case lid offer storage space for mobile accessories. *All the devices pictured (such as notebook, printer etc.) are not included!

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