DataBox XL 14-15.6 HP OJ100 / OJ150

Notebooks and printer in a robust case

DataBox XL HP OJ100 / HP OJ150 is a robust case box for notebooks up to 15.6". The practical and especially robust aluminium case with a fold-out printer pocket allows the user to work professionally whilst on the road and guarantees the secure transportation of the notebook and printer! The new, pull-out paper tongue catches your printed documents up to DIN A4 in size. The special 'Floor-to-Desk' principle, developed by DICOTA, means that the printer and mains adapter remain completely wired within the case during use. The notebook can be freely used on the table. The DataBox is also lockable; two keys are supplied.

Data is conventionally transferred by means of printer cables or via Bluetooth. The printer is operated and the battery is charged via the 220 V low heat device connector on the outer shell of the case. The low heat device connector can be covered with a rubber cap for transportation. The DataBox XL is suitable for all popular notebooks up to 15.6" in size, and for mobile printer HP OJ100 / HP OJ150. Other printers available upon request. The printer mounting for the mobile printer HP OJ100 / HP OJ150 integrated in the case box, depending on the model. When you replace your printer, this printer mounting can be replaced by the other model (available as an optional extra) simply by undoing four Allen screws. *Devices pictured, such as the notebook and printer, are not included.

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Screen size:
14 - 15.6 inches
5.9 kg / 13 lbs, 0.1 ounces
Aluminium, Con-Pearl & reg;
Compatible devices:

Maximum device measurements

≤ 16.14 x 12.20 x 2.36 inches
≤ 410 x 310 x 60 mm

Product measurements

≤ 17.91 x 17.52 x 11.02 inches
≤ 455 x 445 x 280 mm


  • Padded notebook pocket
  • Particularly robust housing
  • "Floor-to-Desk" principle
  • Internal cabling
  • Lockable box, two keys included
  • 220 V low heat device connector on the outer shell of the case
  • Data transfer by conventional means or via Bluetooth
  • Precise fit for the HP OJ100 / HP OJ150