DataDesk Media XL

Mobile presentation case for netbooks/notebooks and projectors.

The mobile office for a professional presentation to your customer on site! The mobile computing equipment is optimally protected by the aluminium construction of the case. The DataDesk Media XL is lockable and two keys are included. The panels for mounting the hardware are routed from Dibond material, the under shell is made from deep-drawn ABS plastic. The notebook is fixed with fastening clips and pins. These can be individually adjusted to the size of the notebook on the notebook platform, so that 7" to 15.4" netbooks can be transported. The fold-out panels are additionally secured with turning bolts. The VelcroPads included can be used for attaching the mains adapters or alternatively for the notebook. The projector panel can be adjusted to different heights using a folding hinge and offers space for the latest projectors with maximum dimensions of 350 x 245 x 100 mm.

Thus, the optimum presentation angle can be set. The projector is firmly fastened with two Velcro strips, three support brackets and two fastening pins on the projector panel. Additionally, flatter projectors can be protected for transportation with the detachable foam padding in the case lid. Thus ensuring the notebook and projector are optimally attached during transportation in the case interior. The advantage to you: no long-winded construction on site with the customer but quicker readiness for action of your devices! Different socket boxes (1 x Euro 8, 2 x Euro 8 with earth conductor – IBM/Compaq cable) and a three-pole low heat device connector allow the connection of notebooks by differing manufacturers. The notebook and projector are supplied with electricity through the case outer shell via the 220/230V low heat device connector. The required power cable is included. Storage space for accessories below the notebook platform. *All the devices pictured (such as notebook, printer etc.) are not included!

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Screen size:
7 - 15.4 inches
6.0 kg / 13 lbs, 3.6 ounces
Compatible devices:

Maximum device measurements

≤ 14.37 x 9.84 x 1.57 inches
≤ 365 x 250 x 40 mm

Product measurements

≤ 25.20 x 18.11 x 5.91 inches
≤ 640 x 460 x 150 mm


  • Aluminium construction
  • 220/230 V low heat device connector to the case outer shell
  • Lockable attaché case, two keys included
  • Notebook and projector panel made from Dibond material
  • Projector panel can be adjusted to various heights for the optimum adjustment of the presentation angle
  • Notebook and projector catch using flexibly adjustable fastening clips, pins and angles
  • Additional support straps for extra security when transporting the devices
  • VelcroPads for attaching the mains adapters or for the notebook
  • Quickly ready for action on site with customers! Two different socket boxes for the latest notebooks or 7" - 15
  • 4" notebooks (2 x Euro 8, 2 x Euro 8 with earth conductor – IBM/Compaq cable) as well as additional low heat device connectors
  • Use of original mains adapters
  • Storage space for accessories below the notebook platform