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Secret 4-Way 14.0 Wide (16:9), side-mounted

Highly effective privacy protection for your notebook screen. Protects your data effectively from prying eyes.

128,90 CHF
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Remote working has made notebooks increasingly popular. In public places, it is difficult to protect the data on the notebook from being seen by third parties. DICOTA has the perfect solution for you! Secret is a highly effective protective film for your screen that protects personal and confidential data from prying eyes. The protective film is placed directly on the screen. Plastic holders affixed to the edges of the screen keep the filter in place. The filter can be easily removed from the screen as needed.

Using the latest micro-lamellar technology, the secret 2-way protective film prevents unwanted viewing of your display from both sides (left/right) while you continue to enjoy crystal clear visibility of the screen from the front. Your confidential information enjoys optimal protection and you can work without worrying wherever you are. The screen's touch function remains completely unaffected. What is more, the filters also protect against scratches and damage to the screen. The amount of harmful blue light emitted is also reduced. Silicone strips and a sideways slot-in holder for the screen frame are also included in the delivery. This allows the filter to be applied in seconds and removed just as easily and later reused. Ideal for use in cafes, hotels or on buses, trains or planes.
  • Privacy protection from all four sides (left/right, above/below)
  • A clear view at all times and accurate colour reproduction
  • Reduction of reflections and fingerprints
  • High mechanical resilience protects the display from scratches
  • Reduction of the amount of harmful blue light emitted
  • Held using silicone strips or a slot in holder on the screen frame
  • Set-up in seconds so easy to use anywhere

Plus d’information

Plus d’information
Numéro d'article D31576
Couleur noir
Volume en litres N/A
Type de filtre Secret 4-Way
Matériel PET
Garantie 24 months
EAN 7640158667392
Dimensions du Produit (mm)277 x 156 x mm
Poids0.04 kg / 0.08 lbs