Secret 10.1 Wide (16:9)

Highly effective view protection for notebook screens. For your eyes only.

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Protect the sensitive information on your Notebook - and your privacy! Beacause of the increase in business mobility, notebooks are used everywhere. Especially in public areas, the data on notebook screens is hard to conceal from the view of passer-bys. But DICOTA has the solution for you. Secret is a highly effective protective filter for your screen which prevents personal and confidential information from falling into the wrong hands.

Secret is directly attached to the screen and fastened with small flaps. The synthetic material consists of fine, black lamellas. Scratches and fingerprints are prevented by the protective filter. Due to the innovative Microlouver technology Secret offers aside from the anti-reflective function, glare protection which allows easy working even in sunshine. Thanks to the viewable angle of up to 30° for each side, the user has an unlimited view onto to the screen, while from the side a black, reflective surface is all that can be seen.
  • Protects your on-screen data by latest Microlouver technology
  • Privacy technology - dark screen while from a side view
  • Visible angle of up to 30° from each side
  • Anti-glare and anti-reflection
  • Prevents fragile LCD screen from fingerprints and scratches

More Information

More Information
Item number D30110
Color Transparent
Type of filter Plugin Filter
Material PET
Warranty 24 months
EAN 7332752000353
Product Measurements (mm)223 x 125 x 1 mm
8.78 x 4.92 x 0.04 inch
Weight0.2 kg / 0.44 lbs