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Trace your bag

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Are you often on the road, with your laptop as your trusty mobile companion? You don't want to imagine what would happen if your laptop case with all of its valuable contents got left behind. You have probably wished at some stage that you could easily locate your lost or stolen item. Thanks to the innovative Trace Your Bag solution, it is now possible to locate your laptop case around the clock. Make your life easier with this technological innovation from Switzerland.

What is Trace Your Bag?



The “Trace Your Bag” smartphone app (iOS/Android) will help you locate your notebook bag simply and easily and also allow you to trace it retroactively.*

The Trace Your Bag signal is transmitted using mobile technology (GSM). This means that, unlike GPS-based systems, the bag can also be localised in enclosed spaces. A further advantage offered by GSM technology is the extremely low energy consumption. This means that you can operate your tracer for six months without having to recharge it. The system works in more than 97% of countries worldwide with no extra roaming charges.

*Position accuracy ranges from 200m to 2km, depending on the strength of the GSM network

Your benefits

  1. Complete overview. The “Trace Your Bag” smartphone app will help you locate your notebook bag at any time of day or night
  2. Traceable anywhere. Mobile technology (GSM) lets your bag be located not just outdoors, but in enclosed spaces too
  3. Totally global. Benefit from global coverage in over 140 countries with no extra roaming charges
  4. Long operating time. The tracer consumes very little energy and is fully operational for six months without having to be recharged
  5. Absolutely simple. The SIM card is already installed. Simply download the app, register, place it in your notebook bag, and you’re good to go



DICOTA offers the innovative Trace Your Bag solution in cooperation with the Swiss company LOSTnFOUND AG. DICOTA owns the licence to sell the localisation device. The LOSTnFOUND AG terms and conditions of contract shall apply for the Global Trace Service. DICOTA shall act as agent, but is not a contracting party.



Global Trace Service

The first three months of the Global Trace Service are free of charge!

Trace Your Bag operates globally with leading telecommunications providers. This ensures the availability of and access to the best possible infrastructure in each respective country. The Global Trace Service includes the costs of SIM card, localisation and communication – meaning no extra costs for you.

The Global Trace Service starting at 7.25 euros can be extended in the «Trace Your Bag» app (Other currencys at the applicable daily exchange rate). Extend the Global Trace Service immediately after registering and benefit from the attractive newcomer’s discount.

The perfect solution

Keep track of your notebook bag and find out more about our offer:

Products with tracer

Business-to-Business solution

Do you have to coordinate your service technicians or sales representatives at short notice? Or do you want to increase the efficiency of your car pool? Then the Trace Your Bag solution could also work well for your company. Stay in the picture with the solution tailored individually to your needs.

The tracer can be combined with existing carrying solutions. Ask us about your personal Business-to-Business solution. We will be glad to advise you.


First steps

Attach the USB cable to the side of the tracer and charge the tracer

Download the “Trace Your Bag” app onto your smartphone (iOS/Android) on Google Play or Apple Store

Register in the «Trace Your Bag» smartphone app (iOS/Android). The voucher included in the delivery contains your access data

Switch on the tracer

Place the tracer in your notebook bag

You’re all set. The tracer can now be localised at any time of day or night via the smartphone app

Extend the Global Trace Service simply and easily in the smartphone app

FAQ - Your questions. The answers.

Trace Your Bag is the new product line from DICOTA. The professional notebook cases are equipped with innovative localising technology. This considerably facilitates the recovery of the notebook case and protects you against loss of hardware and – even more important – your data. Save yourself a lot of trouble and expense with Trace Your Bag, the global innovation from Switzerland. A tracer (transmitter), immediately ready for operation after successful registration, is included in the delivery.

The “Trace Your Bag” app helps you locate your notebook case around the clock. The system works with the latest maps from MapQuest and shows you the location within a certain radius in real time. Use the practical journaling feature to retroactively retrieve the history to date. The app is currently available for Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) systems.

There are several reasons for this. The tracer has a battery that must be recharged approx. every six months. The mobile tracer also gives you excellent flexibility, letting you use the service for different bags. Its compact design (10 cm x 5 cm x 1 cm) and light weight of less than 50 grams allow the tracer to be safely stowed anywhere you like, and it will fit into any compartment of the DICOTA notebook case.

Trace Your Bag works wherever a mobile phone network (GSM) is available and a service agreement has been concluded with us. Currently that’s in over 140 countries. You don’t need to worry about any technical matters, such as roaming agreements. DICOTA has taken care of everything. Simply download, register and use – worldwide, without any additional roaming charges.

Unlike the GPS systems, the tracer can also receive signals in enclosed spaces, wherever a GSM signal is available. Thanks to GSM, the power consumption is also considerably lower, meaning that Trace Your Bag can operate for several months without having to be constantly recharged.

The positional accuracy is between 200 m and 2 km, depending on the strength of the GSM signal and the number of transmission antennas in the surrounding area. The longer you stay in one place, the more accurate the localisation. The practical app allows you to conveniently locate your notebook case on the latest maps at any time.

GPS offers the advantage of high precision localisation, something Trace Your Bag cannot rival. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that the battery usually only lasts one day and there is no reception in buildings and enclosed spaces. It is therefore likely that localisation will not be possible in case of loss. In contrast, Trace Your Bag scores points with its fast, reliable and easy localisation – and very low power consumption. The concept is also very simply designed: plug & play.

If you want to use a localisation service on company premises, GPS localisation, which is accurate to within a metre, gives rise to data protection issues. Trace Your Bag, in contrast, shows a defined radius rather than the exact location. This is more than sufficient for business-related processes (service technicians, customer consultants, planning purposes, etc.) and at the same time protects important employee privacy. A switch on the tracer even lets you deactivate the service at any time.

The tracer emits signals when it is not being moved. This is determined by the built-in motion detector. The technical innovation is based on triangulations of GSM signals and can thus generate a conclusive localisation.

The tracer does not transmit any data due to the motion of the aeroplane. We nevertheless recommend turning off the transmitter for security reasons. The instructions and safety regulations of the airlines also apply at all times and must therefore be strictly observed.

The tracer has a built in lithium-ion battery that enables continuous operation for over 6 months. The battery can be recharged at any time on your notebook using the USB cable included in delivery, or with a charger.

Trace Your Bag provides global coverage in over 140 countries. You can find a current list of countries at

After registration and activation, you can use Trace Your Bag free of charge for three months. You can extend the Global Trace Service by pressing a button on the app, and the exact cost will be displayed. By the way: The sooner you extend the service after registration, the more interesting the discounts are. The Global Trace Service includes the cost of the integrated SIM card, localisation and communication, and all other charges.

Of course. Trace Your Bag is based on a modular concept and can be upgraded with additional, highly useful and efficient features. DICOTA offers you individual solutions fully customised to meet your requirements. Just ask. We will be glad to offer you a personal consultation.