Secret 4-Way for HP Elite x2 1012

Die Blickschutzfilter verhindern die Einsicht von vier Seiten (links/rechts/oben/ unten). Dank einer Silikonschicht haftet die Folie direkt auf dem Bildschirm.

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Notebooks are part of our daily lives, both for business and leisure. We are becoming increasingly mobile and also use our devices in public places. The DICOTA privacy screen protectors optimally protect your personal data from prying eyes. The Premium line offers impressively high quality and durability and is easy to attach.

The Premium privacy screen protector not only prevents unwanted insights into your computer, but also protects the screen against scratches. Other product features include the high mechanical resistance and easy removability. The 4-way-technology protects the screen from viewing on all four sides; left/right and top/bottom. At the same time, the touch functionality of the screen remains completely intact. A practical and effective method to ensure that only you can view your data. Ideal for use in hotels or on the bus, train or airplane.
  • Blickschutz von allen vier Seiten (links/rechts und oben/unten)
  • Hohe Kratzfestigkeit
  • Leichte und blasenfreie Montage
  • Entfernbar ohne jegliche Rückstände
  • Touch Funktion des Bildschirms bleibt vollständig erhalten

More Information

More Information
Item number D31194
Color Transparent
Type of filter Secret 4-Way
Material PET
Warranty 24 months
EAN 7640158664018
Product Measurements (mm) x 209 x 295 mm
0 x 8.23 x 11.61 inch
Weight0 kg / 0 lbs