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DICOTA is renowned for supreme quality and functionality in all of our bags and cases for your personal media products. We know that these things are not merely devices, they are used to store ideas, documents and memories.

Sometimes an entire life. Every DICOTA product was created for a world on the move; a world that requires perfect protection with first class design. Protect your world.

Top Traveller BASE & Multi BASE

The BASE range is much more than just basic. The brand manufacturer DICOTA is well-known for its quality and functionality. These features are also represented in the entry level range. Cheap is not an option. An optimal price/performance ratio, however, is.

The BASE line completes the lower end of the product portfolio. The entry level range is also all about the complete protection of electronic data of notebooks & co. The new products of the BASE collection optimally combine more than 20 years of experience in development with customer expectations in terms of functionality and protection.

The design is solid, compact and straightforward, the weight is pleasantly light. Private and corporate customers are impressed by the solid quality and reasonable pricing of the range, which, by the way, is one of the bestselling lines from DICOTA.

The BASE range includes toploaders, frontloaders and backpacks, available in various sizes and colours.