Social responsibility

Our contribution to a better world

We take ethics and social responsibility seriously and go to great lengths to ensure we apply the stringent control our customers should and are expecting to receive. We are committed to seeking new innovative ways to do things better, faster or simply more consistent in all areas.

We have continuous training and awareness of environmental legislation and trends. We save resources through making designs that minimizes material waste in mass production. And we are monitoring water and electricity usage/material wastage to stay on top of our efficiency curve.

PVC free products

All DICOTA branded products announced starting from 2011 are PVC free.

Within DICOTA we have chosen to phase out PVC as this is a high risk material that could contain many hazardous substances such as phthalates, lead and cadmium. By not using PVC we can more easily secure that our products are compliant with the legislation.

Furthermore PVC has a high chlorine content which makes it release toxic dioxins during disposal.