A question of attitude

DICOTA is renowned for supreme quality and functionality in all of our bags and cases for your personal media products. We know that these things are not merely devices, they are used to store ideas, documents and memories.

Sometimes an entire life. Every DICOTA product was created for a world on the move; a world that requires perfect protection with first class design. Protect your world.

DICOTA has been successfully protecting your devices and data for more than 20 years now. The company’s position as quality leader is based on its internal material and processing philosophy.

Durable and long-lasting material, such as specially-selected leather and hard-wearing plastics, high-quality zips and sturdy metal parts on the load points, tear-resistant threads in the seams, double seams, ergonomic handles and anti-slip shoulder straps are just a few examples.

We don’t compromise on quality. It forms the basis of the trust you place in DICOTA. We conduct mechanical tests to ensure that the materials are up to the challenge of everyday wear and tear, correspond to the applicable legal provisions and are free from hazardous substances.

The tests are performed during the product development process and run seamlessly into series production. Here, DICOTA attaches particular importance to compliance with environmental standards. Daily, personal on-site checks in the production facilities are what make the familiar DICOTA quality possible.

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