From sketch to production

In spite of over 20 years’ of design and development experience we still challenge ourselves every day trying to make things even better. The small details that aren't noticed first, but can’t be ignored either.

We pay attention to them, argue about them and dedicate all our passion and competence to make them perfect, so that when you carry our products, you feel the difference.


Design for the environment

The designers can make a great impact on the environment already at the drawing table. These are some of the initiatives to make our products better for the environment:

Good quality and lasting design - We make high quality products with timeless design that allows our customers to keep their bags for a long time instead of throwing it away.

Minimize glue – Many times glue contains hazardous substances. We always strive to design products that use less or no glue.

Avoid scrap – By making designs that not cause a lot of scrap we save resources.

Environmentally friendly materials – We are developing products with environmentally friendly materials starting with the Reclaim collection using recycled PET as main material.

Packaging design – When designing packaging we take the easy recycling of it in consideration. An example is our phone case packaging made of PET plastic where we designed it to be closed in the side with flaps in order to avoid glue. By only using one material it can more easily be recycled.