Secret 12.5" Wide (16:9)

Highly effective view protection for PC and notebook screens

Notebooks are part of our daily lives, both for business and leisure. We are becoming increasingly mobile and also use our devices in public places. The DICOTA privacy screen protectors optimally protect your personal data from prying eyes. The Premium line offers impressively high quality and durability and is easy to attach. At the same time they protect the screen against scratches and prevent from disturbing finger prints.

The innovative Microlouver -Technology protects the screen-view from both sides (left/right). Furthermore users benefit from an effective glare protection thanks to the Anti-Glare-Mechanism of the film. Easy working – even in sunshine. The premium filter is placed on the screen fastened with small flaps at the edge of the monitor. This allows easily attaching and removing the film when needed. A practical and impactful method to ensure, that only you can view your data. Ideal for the use in hotels, on the bus, train or airplane.

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Screen size:
0.2 kg / 6.7 ounces
Compatible devices:

Maximum device measurements


Product measurements

≤ 10.94 x 6.14 x 0.02 inches
≤ 278 x 156 x 1 mm


  • Universally applicable for 12
  • 5“ monitors in wide format (16:9)
  • Protected view from two sides (left/right)
  • High scratch resistance
  • Prevents from fingerprints on your screen
  • Easy installation by placing holders on the edge of the screen
  • Situational use: inserting and pulling out with effortless ease
  • No residue when removed