Abacus Business

2 in 1: Optical mouse and numeric keypad

Abacus Business is an optical mouse and a numeric keypad in one and is the perfect addition to notebook keyboards for comfortable and intelligent working with numbers and charts.The product can be set to three different modes: auto mode, mouse mode and keypad mode. The "auto mode" recognizes by itself, when Abacus Business is being used as mouse and when as numeric keypad.

In "mouse mode", Abacus Business is only used as optical mouse. It features a high-resolution optical sensor with 800 dpi. Two buttons and the scroll wheel make for the necessary easy usability. While in "keypad mode", the device operates only as a numeric keypad. The external keypad and the notebook’s numeric keypad can be operated independently from each other, either as numbers or as symbols (non-synchronous num-lock function). The Microsoft program Excel can be started with a hotkey, allowing for working without delay. Thanks to the ergonomic, streamlined design and the Plug&Play function, pleasant and easy handling is guaranteed. Abacus Business is shipped with a user’s guide.

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Screen size:
0.080 kg / 2.8 ounces
Hard Plastic
Compatible devices:

Maximum device measurements


Product measurements

≤ 2.20 x 4.53 x 0.98 inches
≤ 56 x 115 x 25 mm


  • Dual functionality - keypad and optical mouse
  • Easy mode switching button
  • Quick hotkey for Microsoft® Excel
  • Non-synchronous Num-Lock function
  • 2 buttons plus scroll wheel
  • Plug & Play
  • Hot swapping
  • Retractable Cable
  • 800 dpi optical sensor