ABS Printer Inlay Canon

Optimum printer attachment for DataConcept and DataConcept Trolley for Canon iP100, Canon iP110

The ABS Printer Inlay printer bracket developed especially for DataConcept and DataConcept Trolley case solutions offers a secure hold of printers for transportation or use on site due to its high-quality materials (ABS plastic) and its stable design. Thanks to its high functionality, ABS Printer Inlay supports flexibly working on the move.

The printer attachment is attached with the help of a Velcro strip in the extra printer pocket of the DataConcept or DataConcept Trolley. This ensures the printer is securely positioned and is therefore protected against possible damage during transportation. In addition, the sophisticated design makes installing and removing the printer very easy. Furthermore, the ABS Printer Inlay has a firmly mounted cable box with detachable lid for storage of the USB printer cable and mains adapter. Thus all necessary cables are securely and efficiently stored. A USB printer cable is included. *All the devices pictured (such as notebook, printer etc.) are not included!

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Screen size:
0.6 kg / 1 lbs, 5.2 ounces
Hard Plastic
Compatible devices:

Maximum device measurements


Product measurements

≤ 15.75 x 12.99 x 3.35 inches
≤ 400 x 330 x 85 mm


  • For printers: Canon iP100, Canon iP110