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Are you often on the road, with your laptop as your trusty mobile companion? You don't want to imagine what would happen if your laptop case with all of its valuable contents got left behind. You have probably wished at some stage that you could easily locate your lost or stolen item.

Thanks to the innovative Trace Your Bag solution, it is now possible to locate your laptop case around the clock. Make your life easier with this technological innovation from Switzerland.

What is Trace Your Bag?

Trace Your Bag  

Your benefits

1. Complete overview. The “Trace Your Bag” smartphone app will help you locate your notebook bag at any time of day or night

2. Traceable anywhere. Mobile technology (GSM) lets your bag be located not just outdoors, but in enclosed spaces too

3. Totally global. Benefit from global coverage in over 140 countries with no extra roaming charges

4. Long operating time. The tracer consumes very little energy and is fully operational for six months without having to be recharged

5. Absolutely simple. The SIM card is already installed. Simply download the app, register, place it in your notebook bag, and you’re good to go



The “Trace Your Bag” smartphone app (iOS/Android) will help you locate your notebook bag simply and easily and also allow you to trace it retroactively.*

The Trace Your Bag signal is transmitted using mobile technology (GSM). This means that, unlike GPS-based systems, the bag can also be localised in enclosed spaces. A further advantage offered by GSM technology is the extremely low energy consumption. This means that you can operate your tracer for six months without having to recharge it. The system works in more than 97% of countries worldwide with no extra roaming charges.

*Position accuracy ranges from 200m to 2km, depending on the strength of the GSM network


Price List

  Trace Your Bag 


DICOTA offers the innovative Trace Your Bag solution in cooperation with the Swiss company LOSTnFOUND AG. DICOTA owns the licence to sell the localisation device. The LOSTnFOUND AG terms and conditions of contract shall apply for the Global Trace Service. DICOTA shall act as agent, but is not a contracting party.