Trace Your Bag

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Are you often on the road, with your laptop as your trusty mobile companion? You don't want to imagine what would happen if your laptop case with all of its valuable contents got left behind. You have probably wished at some stage that you could easily locate your lost or stolen item.

Thanks to the innovative Trace Your Bag solution, it is now possible to locate your laptop case around the clock. Make your life easier with this technological innovation from Switzerland.

First steps

 Step 1

1. Attach the USB cable to the side of the tracer and charge the tracer

  Step 5

5. Place the tracer in your notebook bag

 Step 2

2. Download the “Trace Your Bag” app onto your smartphone (iOS/Android) on Google Play or Apple Store




   Step 5

6. You’re all set. The tracer can now be localised at any time of day or night via the smartphone app

Step 3

3. Register in the «Trace Your Bag» smartphone app (iOS/Android). The voucher included in the delivery contains your access data

   Step 7

7. Extend the Global Trace Service simply and easily in the smartphone app

 Step 4

4. Switch on the

  First Step Manual